Learn correct tips to control hunter and props in hiding Online Game


One of the right addicting games for the Android and IOS devices is Hide Online.teh game had gained huge popularity over the world, and the reason behind that is the game is quite interesting. You can easily download the game from the play store quite easily, and it is of free. Hide Online Hack 2019 is the best hacking tool to get all the game currencies and items for free.

  • Control of the hunter

To move the character of the game, you had to use the joystick which is placed at the left side of the screen, which can be either placed at the top or bottom.  At the top or the bottom right of the game, you will see a device which controls combat, grenade, or fire. To see the number of bullets which are left or to see the health points you had to see at the center.

  • How to control props?

You can use the jump option to jump the props, and for that, you had to use the joysticks which help to move your cursor up, left or at down. For changing the object, you had to just point to the required object, and after that, you had to tap on cup button or at the bottom right of the screen. You can take as many objects as you want like you can change can into the burger, from the box into the helmet, from the chair to the helmet.

  • Use transform feature

One can use the feature of transform if the hunter is able to get you, and after that, you had to tap the duck button. By the help of the transform feature, one can easily change the hunter mode into the animal model. How it will help the player, the answer to the question is quite easy as the hunter will get freeze and the player become unable to move for a few seconds. Remember, after that, you had to switch for the object as you had to use the following time.


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